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In the Land of Smiles Again!

I arrived Wednesday, September 2nd and went immediately to see Moses in his classroom. When his teacher saw me he gladly waved me in. We were both in a place of shock that we were actually together again.

Our evenings are filled with catching up on the last two years. He has grown to be a very responsible young man and his playful attitude is keeping the laughter in the home.

I have spent time with two of my friends and am enjoying the call I sense to just be with the Lord. There is such a peace about not rushing out to ‘do’ like I have done many times before. There is peace in not knowing the next step and trusting God with it all.

This is a walk of faith but I wait expectantly for what is coming.

After 21 months we are together again

After 21 months we are together again

Returning to Thailand

On September 2nd my feet will be back on Thai soil. From the very beginning of this journey I heard the Lord say so clearly, “You are returning to Thailand, not going back”. I immediately knew the difference. This second term has new adventures for me and I get to revive some old dreams.

God has his hand on me to be a blessing to the families of the earth and this heart is hearing the cry of the orphans of Southeast Asia even more than before. Reaching just one makes a huge difference but I have my eyes on the masses. There are hundreds of orphanages in Southeast Asia and my heart yearns to bless these children with everything I have taught the children of Kid’s Life Children’s Home, the orphanage I founded in 2001 in Thailand. It’s a message of IDENTITY, HOPE, LIGHT and LIFE.

I have already begun writing the second children’s book of Candlestick City where I develop one of the characters as an orphan. I get to walk her to freedom from an orphan spirit and will use her story to bless the orphanages of the world. I want the first translation to be in Thai and we will see what else the Lord wants to do. Exciting!!!!!



Years ago when we cared for 40+ orphaned children in Southeast Asia I remember so vividly when one of the younger children asked the question, “How b’bout me?” In the midst of the busyness of life this little one could see that something that was within the grasps of the other children was not within his. As I pondered on this I realized this is the mindset of the orphan. 

How about me? Who’s looking out for me? Who wakes every morning with me on their minds? Who cares whether I eat or not? Who is planning my future? Who remembers my birthday? Who is there when I am afraid or lonely?… and the ‘who’ questions are endless.

This is where we come in. This is where we step in to bring hope, life and a future. Caring for the orphan is not just some good humanitarian effort. These are children created by God as His image bearers and we get to co-labor with Him to see them reach their full potential. We get to nurture their lives so that their voices, their gifts are not missing from the table. Each one has a place of value and what they bring to the world is important. 

Answering the orphan’s cry is the theme my heart has been drawn to for years. Reaching just one makes a huge difference in the world but I have my eyes on the masses. 

The words of a song I heard over twenty years ago still holds.

Tell me who will reach the children.
Who’ll tell them of His love?
Who will take this message to every boy and girl?
Who will count the cost? They’re dying while we sleep.
Who will reach the children?
Lord, send me

Are you coming along for the journey?

How b’bout me?

In 2002 I had the honor of building a children’s home in the Northern hills of Thailand. By working with a few Thai pastors the word quickly spread that the foreigners were taking care of the orphans and within a few short months we had more than 40 children.

We met a few of the children as we visited small villages with the pastors but they were mainly dropped off by relatives who would not or could not take care of them any longer. The children ranged in ages from 4 to 16 years old. All of their stories were different but all the same in this – they needed a place to cal home. They needed the ‘who’ questions answered in their lives. (see first post).

As we settled into the routines of life The Lord began to show me something about my language. I would always tell people that we had opened an orphanage for abandoned and orphaned children but many of the children were now worshipping God as their Father. How could I possibly call them orphans? Even their own Thai translation of the word means – one without an opportunity, without a future. He had redeemed them and given them a future and hope. They were just as His Word said, “no longer called orphans” so I changed my language. This began the crusade of changing the orphan mentality in the lives of the children and the staff who cared for them. Visitors were oriented to the new language and encouraged to join us as we introduced the children to the possibilities of a world that at one point seemed closed to them.

I can recall when one visitor wanted to pay for all the children to go the local tourist attraction to ride elephants. I politely responded that taking the children to Chaing Mai would be better. Most of them had been on the backs of elephants. I needed them to know how to ride escalators and elevators. I needed them to walk into department stores and feel comfortable trying on clothes. I needed them to see the endless job opportunities available to them. 

These were now children of opportunitychildren with a future and children who had a Father. The “who” question was being answered in their lives.