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Ready for the New

“Cherish the Old – Embrace the New …”



This was the word I received from the Lord when I arrived in Chiang Mai two months ago. There were many questions about what I would be a part of during this season for which I had no answers. The only thing I did know was the NEW was here! Would I allow myself to venture into unchartered waters or would I just take the easy road by settling into the old. It’s all good work, right? But when the Word of the Lord came I had my answer. There is MORE!

As I sought the Lord my heart still heard the cry of the orphan but it was not the same cry as before. One evening I read this in a CBN news report – More than 500 orphanages dot the countryside in northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai province – a huge number for this region of 1.5 million people.

Stunned by the numbers it led me to more research. It is estimated that only 80% of these children need to be in these institution type facilities. Most have family who could help. The conversation went on to  say, “orphanages create orphans”. Parents are willing to give up their children to get the better education and lifestyle afforded them in the orphanage.

…Wait! I founded one of the 500! We helped a lot of children. The more I read the more my heart broke – it was the beginning of a paradigm shift for me. I soon found myself applauding all the new programs available to families to keep them together. My heart is stirred to see the church pursuing  ways to strengthen the biological, foster and adoptive homes. Instead of investing in brick and mortar  we get to invest in the family which is the government of Heaven. 

While praying with a friend about this, a message came in from a lady I met four years ago. She was  inviting me to participate in a forum with the organization World Without Orphans. Their platform is to encourage the Body of Christ to provide family based programs for orphans rather than institutions. What????? Within 48 hours my registration was entirely paid for and I was beginning to …See With New Eyes. I embrace the NEW that God is bringing. Will you invest in me as I become an advocate for the fatherless?


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Dear Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving!  We will be celebrating half a day ahead of most of you and eating CHICKEN. (There is a health ban on turkeys from America.)

When we gather for this holiday it is customary for us to share what we are most thankful for.  Typically that includes family, friends, good food, a home, and/or health. What’s on your list for this year?

As I look around my Asian Garden I know that many of the people in Southeast Asia wish they could give thanks for a country to call their own. They are just some of the millions around the world who live in a place of statelessness. They have no legal connection to a country and therefore no access to basic rights of protection, voting and more. They do not exist.

Our family has lived with the awareness of these people because of our own, Moses. He was born to a migrant worker in a country that did not infer the basic right of citizenship to all newborns.  He was allowed to be adopted but has not been free to travel or change his name after his adoption. We are thankful to almost be at the end of this journey but for so many others the end is nowhere in sight. These are the ones who are vulnerable to smugglers and traffickers. How do you report someone missing who does not exist?

It is estimated that 12,000,000 people across the globe are stateless. The United Nations has worked on the issue for decades but people still get caught in this blackhole  because of migration, divorce, gender discrimination, boundary changes and more.

So, as we give thanks this year let’s add the to the list our citizenship in Heaven as well as in our home countries. Would you also pray for the millions who cry out daily for a country to call this own?  May they find their home here and their eternal home there!

May I be so bold as to plead with you for prayer investment?  I need both a financial team and a committed prayer team.  Grateful that I can call upon you, 


All gifts toward my work with the people of Southeast Asia should be sent to: Missions Alumni 1503 Main St #285 Grandview, Missouri 64030 with a note for Marlene Allen.

Additionally, you can make secure donations online at Click on “Donate Now” near the bottom of my homepage. THANK YOU for your generosity towards me and the people of Asia.

Waiting for the open doors!

Years ago I received this song from Heaven – To every waiting heart the answer will come. To every waiting heart the answer will come, if we wait on Him, if we trust in Him….

That is where I am today. One by one the opportunities come and I trust Him to lead the way. Please pray for the following:

  • Last week in the store I met up with an old friend who has a home that supports women with HIV/AIDS. She has the Candlestick City book and wants me to come spend time with the group to minister the truths of the book. Yes!!!!! it has been years since I have told the story in Thai so I have a little studying to do before this Wednesday morning.
  • Candlestick City event is planned for Friday, October 30th at my home in Chiang Mai. Young families are invited to join me as I read the story and lead them in discussing some of the many power points of the story.
  • I have been in communication with another black missionary who has invited me to speak at a conference in Chicago next month. They are willing to pay to change my ticket so I can arrive a week earlier than my planned trip to Redding. They want to awaken Black youth to missions. I am researching this but is seems as though out of 30,000+ missionaries only about 200 are African American. The numbers were higher but I am saddened by the reasons for the decline. More about that later. This stirs me!!!!!
  • I will be ministering to the young people from four orphanages on November 7th about their gifts and callings. These young people have much to offer the world and I count it a privilege to stir up the gifts in them.
  • I will be ministering to the children of the local YWAM community on November 14th but I am also more excited about the teenagers who will be helping me. They all have a history with me and are excited to hear more. I love the hungry ones!!!

To every waiting heart the answer will come!