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Years ago when we cared for 40+ orphaned children in Southeast Asia I remember so vividly when one of the younger children asked the question, “How b’bout me?” In the midst of the busyness of life this little one could see that something that was within the grasps of the other children was not within his. As I pondered on this I realized this is the mindset of the orphan. 

How about me? Who’s looking out for me? Who wakes every morning with me on their minds? Who cares whether I eat or not? Who is planning my future? Who remembers my birthday? Who is there when I am afraid or lonely?… and the ‘who’ questions are endless.

This is where we come in. This is where we step in to bring hope, life and a future. Caring for the orphan is not just some good humanitarian effort. These are children created by God as His image bearers and we get to co-labor with Him to see them reach their full potential. We get to nurture their lives so that their voices, their gifts are not missing from the table. Each one has a place of value and what they bring to the world is important. 

Answering the orphan’s cry is the theme my heart has been drawn to for years. Reaching just one makes a huge difference in the world but I have my eyes on the masses. 

The words of a song I heard over twenty years ago still holds.

Tell me who will reach the children.
Who’ll tell them of His love?
Who will take this message to every boy and girl?
Who will count the cost? They’re dying while we sleep.
Who will reach the children?
Lord, send me

Are you coming along for the journey?