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Investing in a New Season

I have been drawn back to a land filled with palm trees, sweet mangoes and tangerine clad monks. It is here that I sense God saying, “There’s more.” Dear Friends, Sixteen years ago our family of four left the comforts of American living with dreams of making a difference in Thailand, the land filled with […]

Abiding – Not Striving

I almost said, “I am in a holding pattern” but I don’t think God is saying the same thing. A visa and work permit were huge concerns but I have to recognize that God gave me an incredible visa as Moses’ Mom. I can still help the school organize their youth camp coming up next […]

The ‘One’

The first week I was here I was asked if I would be content if God only sent me here for ‘the one’. Hmmm!!!! Since that time God has begun to bring them one by one, not what I was expecting. They are all hungry and open for more. Please pray for wisdom as I […]

In the Land of Smiles Again!

I arrived Wednesday, September 2nd and went immediately to see Moses in his classroom. When his teacher saw me he gladly waved me in. We were both in a place of shock that we were actually together again. Our evenings are filled with catching up on the last two years. He has grown to be […]