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Returning to Thailand

On September 2nd my feet will be back on Thai soil. From the very beginning of this journey I heard the Lord say so clearly, “You are returning to Thailand, not going back”. I immediately knew the difference. This second term has new adventures for me and I get to┬árevive some old dreams. God has […]


Years ago when we cared for 40+ orphaned children in Southeast Asia I remember so vividly when one of the younger children asked the question, “How b’bout me?” In the midst of the busyness of life this little one could see that something that was within the grasps of the other children was not within […]

How b’bout me?

In 2002 I had the honor of building a children’s home in the Northern hills of Thailand. By working with a few Thai pastors the word quickly spread that the foreigners were taking care of the orphans and within a few short months we had more than 40 children. We met a few of the […]